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(((HAPPY FEAST OF TABERNACLES, THE 8TH DAY!))) to ALL MANKIND and especially to those precious few who keep "THE SCRIPTURAL METHOD" utilizing the 'signs' of THE TWO GREAT LIGHTS for determining the appointed times, days and years of 'THE MASTER'S CLOCK!'

Lev 23:36 ‘For seven days you bring an offering made by fire to יהוה. On the eighth day there shall be a set-apart gathering for you, and you shall bring an offering made by fire to יהוה. It is a closing festival, you do no servile work…

Lev 23:39 ‘On the fifteenth day of the seventh new moon, when you gather in the fruit of the land, celebrate the festival of יהוה for seven days. On the first day is a rest, and on the eighth day a rest.

So… what’s up with this 8th Day if the Festival of Tabernacles is a 7-day feast?

Clearly, in verse 36, we’re told the 8th Day is to be a “closing festival” of the 7-day festival itself. According to nearly all online resources the 8th Day closing festival is believed to be “The Last Great Day” of The Festival of Tabernacles... but is that true?

That’s certainly not the take away that I get from John chapters 7 through 9. In John 7:37 we read…

Joh 7:37 And on the last day, the great day of the festival, יהושע stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me, and let him who believes in Me drink.

John 7:37 leaves no doubt that the events that take place on that day are taking place on “the last day, the great day of the festival”. With the last verse of chapter 7 in verse 53 we see the end of that particular day defined with this statement…

Joh 7:53 And each one went to his own house.

While that may leave doubts with many the first two verses of John chapter 8 leave no doubt…

Joh 8:1 And יהושע went to the Mount of Olives.

Joh 8:2 And at dawn He came again into the Set-apart Place, and all the people were coming to Him. And having sat down, He was teaching them.

John chapter 8 then continues to describe the events of the day following “the last day, the great day of the festival”. In John 8 we’re told about Messiah Yahusha forgiving the woman caught in adultery and the harassment of Messiah Yahusha by the unbelieving Jews. The narrative spills over into John chapter 9 without interruption, clearly denoting events of the very same day which occurred the day after “the last day, the great day of the festival”.

John chapter 9 immediately dives into the story of Messiah Yahusha healing the sight of the blind man and in verse 14 we’re told…

Joh 9:14 Now it was a Sabbath when יהושע made the clay and opened his eyes.

The unbroken narrative that begins in John 8 and carries over into John 9 has Messiah Yahusha forgiving the adulteress, arguing with the Jewish unbelievers and healing the blind man on the very same day, a Sabbath, that followed “the last day, the great day of the festival”.

This leads me to believe that “the last day, the great day of the festival” is actually the 7th Day of the 7-day Festival of Tabernacles, which begins on the 15th Day of the 7th New Moon, making “the last day, the great day of the festival” the 21st Day of the 7th New Moon.

That makes today the 22nd Day of the 7th New Moon, a closing festival to the 7-day Festival of Tabernacles and the weekly Sabbath according to Lunar Sabbath reckoning which harmonizes all the Moedim of Scripture!!!

For anyone who would like to investigate this further I would recommend reading my article titled Rebutting Andrew Gabriel Roth’s Commentary on John 7:23 You’ll find a few very interesting points including the significance of the healing of the man in John 5 and the healing of the man in John 7 in regard to the 1st and 2nd Resurrection fulfilling The Covenant of Redemption guaranteeing the salvation of ALL MANKIND. There are more demanding facts regarding Lunar Sabbath reckoning according to the Feast of Tabernacles recorded in John 5 and 7.

Be blessed Brothers and Sisters, our Creator and Redeemer is truly endlessly merciful!!!

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