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Engage me on Gab Social!



Come, let us reason together! As of February 6th 2021 I have decided to abandon Facebook and no longer will be available there. I have instead chosen to take my outreach to the Brethren to Gab Social which is a Free Speech platform where conservative faith based dialogue can take place unimpeded and immune to the Cancel Culture of today's left wing socialism!

I encourage you to bring your questions and comments to my profile page on Gab Social, let's have a meeting of the minds! Let's grow together as we "earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints."


You can find me on my Gab Social profile page as 'The Nazarenes Way' at 


I also have two Gab Social Groups that you are welcome to join.


The 1st Group is titled 'The Everlasting Gospel' REVEALED!!! Believe me, it's not what you think!

You can find this Gab Social Group at this link...


The 2nd Group is titled 'The Scriptural New Moon and 7th Day Sabbath' REVEALED!!! Again, believe me, it's not what you think!

You can find this Gab Social Group at this link...


I also have a 3rd Gab Social Group which is 'exclusive' for those who qualify...

The 3rd Group is titled 'the Calendar and the Covenant' and it is an 'exclusive' group in that its membership is limited to those few set-apart individuals who hold to the truths presented on this website and who actually apply these truths to their daily lives.


Those of you who wish to join 'the Calendar and the Covenant' Gab Social Group must already be active members of the first two Gab Social Groups listed above. You must be willing to testify that you are indeed actually making the application of your faith in that you are living your life according to The Scriptural Calendar as proclaimed by the articles on this website and you must be willing to testify that indeed you do believe in Messiah Yahusha as He knows Himself to be, i.e. the Savior of the WHOLE WORLD, including ALL MANKIND. The fruit of anyone's faith is measured in obedience to His Commandments about which He said just before His betrayal the night of  The Master's Table, "If you love Me, keep My commandments!" Faith without works is dead!

You can find this Gab Social Group at this link...

I look forward to meeting you on Gab Social!

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