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Inspiration for the Website


Having left the Sunday Christian church back in 2006 it seems strange to think that I could be influenced by the dream of a Sunday keeping pastor and yet that is the case.  This dream evidently goes back to 2007 but I viewed it for the first time early in 2014.  It was sent to me by someone in the Full Moon Rosh Chodesh Lunar Sabbath community.  I have no reason to think this same person has not shared it with countless others.  I can't begin to say what effect it may have had on others but the very moment I watched the video I was somewhat troubled and immediately began to wonder why she sent it to me.  Was there some significance?


The dream given to the pastor (Robert Stearns) makes a connection between 'the calendar' of YHWH and 'the covenant' of YHWH.  As someone who also follows 'the Full Moon Rosh Chodesh Lunar Sabbath calendar', and as someone who's computer is loaded to the gills with articles brimming with outside the box beliefs regarding 'the covenant' of YHWH with His people Israel, my mind began to wonder, was I supposed to somehow 'unite' with the person who sent me the video in order to promote both 'the Calendar and the Covenant'?  I sat on the idea for some time and as things worked out it became clear that was not the case.  The thought of creating my own website seemed laughable at best, so far beyond my ability and way outside my comfort zone!  And yet my frustration, fueled by my inability to get the word out, continued to eat away at me.


It may have been through a conversation where I was venting this frustration that my daughter-in-law suggested building a website using  It was supposed to be easy, kind of like 'website construction for dummies'.  Could I actually do this?  I toyed with the idea and then slowly began to dip my toe into the waters!  The process moved  forward from the video to knowing what I would call the website if I were to ever build one and from there one thing led to another.  What you see and read on this website, 'the Calendar and the Covenant', has truly been driven by this video and of course the many years of bible study that have built the foundation for it all to be possible.  I am completely humbled by the thought of building the website, "who am I" echoes in my head.  The answer is, "I am a truthseeker on a mission I call TruthQuest."  If I realize I am wrong about anything I have written on this website I will admit my fault and correct it as soon as possible.  I have nothing to gain by holding on to anything that is not true.


I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the video, truly, the restoration of 'the Calendar and the Covenant' is taking place today!  You don't want to miss this!


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