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The Sun Went Down


It Was Dark!



Some time ago I made a post on Facebook which began with these words, "A thought occurred to me the other day...", this is a continuance of that thought.


I continued to think about the Golden Calf and the Crescent Moon. I had read the chapter from which I took Alexander Hislop's quote on the Golden Calf from Chapter II, Section II, Sub-Section II titled 'The Child in Egypt'. I did an internet search with the key words 'Golden Calf, Crescent Moon'. I read articles most of the day and began to notice a few things.


When Israel left Egypt it was on the evening of the 15th Day of the 1st Month. As I said in my first post,


"If the New Moon is marked by the Full Moon then Israel would have had to turn their back to the Crescent Moon as they walked away from the bondage of Egypt by marching eastward toward their freedom. Rather symbolic wouldn't you say? If only they had turned their backs on the Crescent Moon in their hearts, but they never did! The Golden Calf is alive and well!"


The next thing I began to realize is that on the 15th of the 2nd month they came to The Wilderness of 'Sin'. Through the reading I had done it was reinforced in my understanding that the Golden Calf represented 'the moon god 'Sin'', symbolized by the Crescent Moon which is reflected in the calf's upturned horns! So the Israelites are in The Wilderness of Sin and they begin to complain about having no food and how they are all going to die. No faith... 'Sin'. This also would have been a 'dark day', i.e. conjunction.


A month later they arrive at Mt. Sinai on the 15th day of the 3rd month. Mt. Sinai is also known as Mt. Horeb. Does Mt. Sinai have anything to do with the moon god 'Sin'? From what I've read it does. Once the Israelites had taken off their earrings, which were no doubt also Crescent Moons, to form the Golden Calf they were in full blown idolatry. This led to the sexual revelry which was a natural response to the moon god Sin which invokes the most primitive sacrificial system and temple and cult prostitution.


So we have recorded for us in Exodus events that take place on the 15th of three consecutive months. If the New Moon is the Full Moon then obviously all three of these events take place during the conjunction of the moon, a period of darkness which is a reflection of bondage. Bondage to 'Sin'? After reading the several articles throughout the day I returned to the Scriptures and began reading in Exodus 12 when a new thought occurred to me.


The new thought was triggered from Exodus 12:40-42 which reads,


"And the sojourn of the children of Yisra'el who lived in Mitsrayim was four hundred and thirty years. And it came to be at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, on the same day it came to be that all the divisions of YHWH went out from the land of Mitsrayim. It is a night to be observed unto YHWH, to be observed by all the children of Yisra'el throughout their generations."


Four hundred and thirty years "to the day" after YHWH entered into covenant with Abraham and gave Abraham the prophecy in regard to the bondage the children of Abraham would suffer, they were set free from Egypt (please review commentaries on Galatians 3:17). This made me think, 'if I went back to Genesis 15 and read the account of YHWH entering into covenant with Abraham would there be a clue as to what phase the moon was in since it obviously took place on the 15th of the 1st month'? As you will see, I was not disappointed! Look what is recorded in Genesis 15:12,


"And it came to be, when the sun was going down and a deep sleep fell upon Abram, that see, a frightening great darkness fell upon him."


And in verse 17,


"And it came to be, when the sun went down and it was dark, that see, a smoking oven and a burning torch passing between those pieces."


Brothers and sisters, "What phase of the moon best fits that description?" Without a doubt, this event which takes place on the 15th of the 1st month is taking place during the conjunction of the moon when the sun goes down it becomes 'dark'!


Which means beyond a shadow of doubt, in my mind, the Full Moon IS New Moon!




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