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Understanding Paul



The Christians love Paul…


...after all, Paul taught against the Law of Moses… Right?



The Messianics (who believe the Law of Moses is valid and applicable to our lives today) hate Paul and call him the Son of Perdition…


...after all, Paul taught against the Law of Moses… Right?



The Jews tried to kill Paul...


...after all, Paul taught against the Law of Moses... Right?



Personally, I love the guy! He's one of my heroes of The Faith!


So what’s the deal with Paul? Did he teach the Law of Moses has been done away with?


The Apostle Peter said Paul was hard to understand, but was he that hard to understand?


Having written 13 or 14 of the letters that make up the Apostolic Writings, depending upon whether or not you believe Paul wrote The Letter to The Hebrews, you would think we’d have a pretty good understanding of this chosen vessel of Messiah Yeshua! And yet Paul remains an enigma! Why?


And if a person is going to condemn Paul then why not condemn Yaàqob (James) the half brother of Messiah Yeshua and Peter as well… didn’t they all come to one conclusion on what laws were to be kept by new converts to the faith in Acts 15?


Clearly… the Apostle Paul taught believers in Messiah Yeshua were justified by grace through faith but did he really teach against the Law of Moses?


There can be no doubt that the Apostle Paul had disavowed himself of the Mount Sinai Covenant which creates a bit of a conundrum; how can he preach against the Mount Sinai Covenant without preaching against the Law of Moses?


We will need to learn to differentiate between a covenant and the law of a covenant, in doing that we will begin to understand our much maligned Brother in the Faith, the awesome Apostle Paul!


Add to that the simple detail of what laws to keep where, i.e. 'outside the land vs. inside the land' and our eyes will be opened to new truths jumping off the pages of both the TaNaK and the Apostolic Writings!


Get those two nuggets figured out and you’ll begin to appreciate and understand the Apostle Paul!





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