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(((HAPPY 30TH DAY OF THE 9TH MONTH!))) Last evening, the 18th of December, which was the 29th Day of the 9th Month of Scripture, the 29th always being the 4th Sabbath of every month according to Lunar Sabbath reckoning, the Full Moon continued to do the same old thing and rose BEFORE the setting of the Sun thereby beaconing today (December 19th) as the 30th Day of the 9th Month.

That will give us back-to-back days of Chodesh today and tomorrow.

I'll share with you two short articles depicting back-to-back days of Chodesh found in Scripture. Both King David and the Apostle Paul kept back-to-back days of Chodesh... Will you?

May ABBA bless you as you strive to keep His ways!

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