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The Equinoxes - Past? Present! & Future?
Earth, Sun and Crescent Moon
Brown Dwarf Stars?
Anthony Parat's work showcasing plasma discharge in association with ancient rock art.
Anthony Parat
Plasma discharge in the ancient sky
Veus discharging between Saturn and Mars
The gods and their 'thunderbolts'
The 'thunderbolts' of the gods.
Mithra slaying the bull.
Worshipping the Golden Calf, i.e. Saturn!
Infant sacrifice to Moloch, i.e. Saturn in the valley of Hinom.
Golden Calf worship, note Saturn between the horns.
Saturn Helios on an ancient Jewish synogogue floor.
Chronos, Father Time, a.k.a. Saturn!
Medusa, a.k.a. Venus, at the synagogue in Chorazin
The Celestial Equator and Poles.
The constellation Draco at the Celestial North Pole


Part Three



Considering the History of the Solar System



(All associated pictures have been hidden from the Mobile Version of this article.)


Have you ever considered what a Scriptural Model of the Solar System at Creation would have looked like? I have and all I can come up with is the Earth, Sun and Moon! That leaves a great deal of room for speculation.


Lets consider the catastrophic events of the EUM. In this model the gas giants of our solar system, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune would have been brown dwarf stars prior to being captured by our Sun. Once they entered the influence of the Sun their electrical source was eventually usurped by the Sun and their ability to produce light was lost. This may explain why the Sun’s light increased in temperature once the Sun gained the electrical sources powering those four brown dwarf stars. In the EUM brown dwarfs give birth to rocky planets like Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars via electrical stress, which induces the expulsion of the planets from within the brown dwarf stars. If these gas giants were once brown dwarf stars outside the solar system and were captured along with any rocky planets they may have birthed then their ensuing capture would have been very chaotic, so much so that the solar system would have looked like some kind of traffic accident prior to their orbits being stabilized electrically.


There would have been close encounters between planets and in those close encounters thunderbolts of electricity would have been hurled cratering and scarring their surfaces in extraordinary displays. The photo to the left is the work of world respected plasma physicist Dr. Anthony Peratt who has made the connection between what he sees in his laboratory work and the rock art found around the world. The secular proponents of the EUM say these events were witnessed in the ancient skies around the world by the earliest cultures of mankind and I would agree but as a Bible believer I have two options as to what constitutes the ‘earliest cultures’. I can either believe these events took place ‘In The Beginning’ with Adam and Eve and their immediate descendants or I can opt for ‘The Flood of Noah’ with Noah and his immediate descendants, i.e. the second beginning of the ‘earliest cultures’. I think this catastrophic chaos would obviously have begun with a change in the electrical environment of the Sun and planetary encounters which led to The Flood of Noah and then possibly continued with planetary encounters through the time of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel and during the days of Peleg when the nations were divided for a total of approximately 440 years. Nimrod and the Tower of Babel took place approximately 100 years after The Flood and Peleg was born approximately 5 years after the beginning construction of the Tower and lived for approximately 339 years. This time frame is important as it gives a second beginning for cultures to develop Post-Flood, spread around the Earth and become eye witnesses and recorders of these events. During this time span the ancient people would have witnessed events in the sky that would have scared them to death.


Saturn, Venus and Mars would have loomed huge above the Northern Horizon; awe inspiring, fear evoking thunderbolts of electricity would have erupted between Earth and those intruding planets as well as between the intruding planets themselves. The evoked fear led to the worship of these planets, which they saw as gods, the fear also led many to chisel what they saw in the sky above them in rock as a historical record for those of us living today.


These electrical discharges would be similar to the electric shock that can be generated by dragging your feet on a carpet. In doing so your body is taking on an electrical charge. When you reach out toward another person’s earlobe the charge differential between your body and the body of the person you intend to shock tries to reach equilibrium. To do that electricity will jump from your finger to their earlobe. Now imagine that on a planetary scale! The difference in electrical charge coming into play via any celestial body entering into the solar system from deep space, such as comets do today, which carry a different electrical charge than that of our Sun. The result of this differential in electrical charge becomes catastrophic when any deep space celestial body from outside the solar system comes into close proximity with any solar system body including the Earth!




Saturn, the Sun God, Helios!


Through this study I discovered Saturn was known and worshipped as Helios, the Sun God! That was news to me and I find it to be wondrously fascinating. My guess is regardless of how studied you are that’s news to you too! Take a minute and let that sink in! Helios Saturn!


Let me be clear… the ‘origin’ of pagan sun god worship




What I am taking away from this revelation is that the Roman Catholic Church is a ‘Johnny come lately’ when it comes to pagan sun god worship and although the themes remain the same, in the RCC’s form of Constantinian sun god worship, i.e. father god, mother god and child god, the ‘object of worship’ is different than that of those who kept ‘Saturn’s Day’ as their day of weekly worship. The table of pagan sun god worship had been set by the ancients, who worshipped a different celestial body on a different day; Saturn’s Day! The original pagan sun god worship had nothing whatever to do with our present day Sun, for Saturn was ‘Helios’! The original form of pagan sun god worship is identified by the Star of Remphan, Chiun and Moloch, the Star of Saturn… the Hexagram! It is only much later on that Saturn Helios worship morphs into Solar Helios worship via the influence of Persia’s Mithraism, it’s alter ego. Solar Helios worship is identified by the mystic ‘t’, the cross! It was the crossed ‘t’ which Constantine saw as he stared at his god, Solar Helios, before going into battle. The crossed ‘t’ is a throwback to Tammuz, a messiah like savior and warrior! I can’t help but think of the Mithraic iconography of Mithra slaying a bull. I am well aware there are different interpretations of that iconography involving the constellation Taurus but I think it rather ironic that Persian Mithraism has no such iconographic imagery, it is only when Mithraism arrives in Rome that we see Mithra slaying this bull. The irony continues if we consider Helios Saturn was known as the ‘Bull of Heaven’ and Mithraic Solar Helios worship overcomes Saturn Helios worship in 4th Century A.D. Rome.


This takes me back to Alexander Hislop’s quote on the Golden Calf from Chapter II, Section II, Sub-Section II titled ‘The Child in Egypt’ from his book ‘The Two Babylons’.


“The ordinary way in which the favourite Egyptian divinity Osiris was mystically represented was under the form of a young bull or calf—the calf Apis—from which the golden calf of the Israelites was borrowed. There was a reason why that calf should not commonly appear in the appropriate symbols of the god he represented, for that calf represented the divinity in the character of Saturn, “The Hidden one,” “Apis” being only another name for Saturn.”


The Israelites, when delivered from the bondage of Egypt, were practicing Egypt’s pagan sun god worship via the Golden Calf. Saturn had become the Israelites Helios! The Hebrews knew themselves as Saturn’s children! Is it any wonder that the Jews worship on Saturday? I am wondering if this has anything to do with why Saturn’s Day was eventually supplanted by Sun’s Day in the 4th Century by the Roman Emperor Constantine as the 1st Day of the week. Could it be that Saturn which had loomed huge in the sky during the Pre-Flood and Post-Flood era and had been worshipped as ‘Helios’ on the 1st Day of the week had long ago receded to where we see Saturn to be today, i.e. “The Hidden one” who is hardly worthy of worship, and the Sun was now the pre-eminent celestial body in the heavens? Could that have had anything to do with the eventual demotion of Saturn’s Day from the 1st Day to the 7th Day of the week and the veneration of Sun’s Day accomplished by it being promoted from the 2nd Day to the 1st Day of the week on the planetary god calendar of Rome? There is no doubt that these changes in the calendar have taken place, my question is simply ‘Why?’ It is clear to me; just as I have done in the past, those who have fled Sunday worship, adopting Saturday instead, to rid themselves of pagan sun god worship, have only wandered deeper into the woods!


I have always wondered about this verse.


“Cush became the father of Nimrod; he was the first on earth to become a mighty warrior. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD; therefore it is said, “Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the LORD.” (Genesis 10:8-9 NRSV)


Where did Nimrod get his example to become the first on Earth to become a mighty warrior? And what did he hunt? Could his role model have been the planet Saturn battling ferociously in the heavens? It is finally all coming together for me, Saturn was Helios (the Sun God), Nimrod was impersonating the Sun God, therefore Nimrod was impersonating Saturn and not the orb we call our Sun! Does Semiramis take her role as wife of Nimrod from Venus the ‘Queen of Heaven’? Without a doubt she does! When Tammuz looks in the mirror does he see the Warrior Hero Mars?


Here is another verse that never made sense to me.


Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves; otherwise we shall be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.” (Genesis 11:4 NRSV)


How does building a tower keep you from being scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth? What does it mean to, “let us make a name for ourselves”? Did they desire the name of Saturn as their own? Were they building that tower to offer sacrifices to the angry planetary sun god Saturn which they may have seen day and night with their own eyes warring in the heavens, throwing thunderbolts of electricity? The bloodthirsty sun god Saturn is known for his demand of child sacrifices. If they were building the Tower of Babel to offer child sacrifices were the sacrifices to have been an appeasement to the bloodthirsty planetary sun god Saturn to avoid their own demise from which they were tempted to scatter?


Why did worship of these planetary gods develop when today you’d be hard pressed to find ‘one in a thousand’ people who could even begin to identify these unimpressive planets in our present nighttime sky? As I mentioned before, Saturn, Venus and Mars as we see them today are hardly worthy of worship. But… ‘The present IS NOT the key to the past.’ and if what is being presented in the EUM is true then the approach of these planets would have been exceedingly frightful. Can you imagine Saturn, Venus and Mars not just visible in the nighttime sky but overwhelming both the nighttime and daytime sky! Look above the Northern Horizon where today’s North Star Polaris is located and reach your hand out at arm’s length and imagine Saturn that large in your sky. Now slowly draw your hand toward your face recreating the approach of Saturn, Venus and Mars toward the Earth. Had you been one of the ancients your knees would be knocking and you would have lost your bowels! It is interesting to me to note that Saturn approaching from the North Celestial Pole of the Earth would have been illuminated by our Sun with a crescent which would have appeared to rotate in the view of the observer around the circumference of Saturn as the Earth rotated below on it’s axis! This crescent of light from our Solar Sun on the approaching face of Saturn forms the horns of the ‘Bull of Heaven’, i.e. the ‘Golden Calf’ of the Israelites! These planets would have loomed huge in the vision of the ancient peoples eventually throwing thunderbolts between themselves and planet Earth. With this illustration we can begin to imagine worship of the planets as gods, it becomes understandable. We should not think we would have been immune to it. From these historical events, witnessed by the ancients, comes the planetary god worship which has been reduced to mere mythology and disconnected from the stone art recordings of these plasma electrical discharge events by a multitude of cultures around the world, the understanding of which we have nearly lost but are now once again rediscovering via The EUM.


The overhead picture to the left is of a 10ft to 12ft square section of mosaic tile floor from the ruins of the 5th/6th Century synagogue Beth Alpha, located near the foot of Mt. Gilboa in Israel. This motif seems to have been a common theme during this time frame as there have been 6 or 7 extraordinarily similar mosaic floors discovered so far in the ruins of the synagogues of Israel. I have personally viewed and photographed one such floor at the ruins of a synagogue located in Zippori, Israel. Writing this article has reminded me of the tour which my son and I took back in the Fall of 2007. I thought of the Zodiac depicted on the floor of that synagogue but could remember it only vaguely. I decided to go online and dig for some information, which is when I found this picture with a caption beneath it, which mentioned something I had allowed to completely escape me. I’ll share that later. This is a mixture of the profane with that, which was once upon a time set apart. Here the signs of the Zodiac, which were at one time set apart, are labeled with Babylonian Hebrew names for the months. The four corners around the Zodiac are filled with winged female images representing the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. But what should demand our attention, but escaped mine, is the image in the center of the Zodiac. It may surprise you to discover that image represents Helios, the Sun God! I could be wrong but I don’t believe it is our Solar Sun that is represented here. No, this is Saturn! When did the Israelites ever worship our Solar Sun? The first thought that comes to mind in answering that question is the vision given to Ezekiel.


“And he brought me into the inner court of the house of the LORD; there, at the entrance of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about twenty-five men, with their backs to the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east, prostrating themselves to the sun toward the east.” (Ezekiel 8:16 NRSV)


That certainly looks like Solar Sun worship at first glance and it may well be but my guess is that this event is taking place on the Vernal Equinox when the Solar Sun is rising directly in the East! One reason to believe that is what is also mentioned two verses earlier when Ezekiel is given the vision of women weeping for Tammuz.


“Then he brought me to the entrance of the north gate of the house of the LORD; women were sitting there weeping for Tammuz.” (Ezekiel 8:14 NRSV)


Tammuz died every Summer Solstice when the Solar Sun started to wane in strength and it is at the Summer Solstice that the women would gather and weep for Tammuz. My point here is that these are events that happen at a specific time throughout the course of the year and are not daily, weekly or monthly occurrences. So unless I’m reading their archeological writings incorrectly which describe this image of Helios depicted in these mosaic tile floors of several synagogues in Israel, it seems they are saying there was a connection between the synagogue of the people and the Solar Sun. I find it interesting that they’re willing to allow you to believe the Jews were worshipping the Solar Sun to avoid having to admit this is Helios Saturn, the god of their day of worship, Saturn’s Day! This definitely looks like ‘a red herring’ to me! You see, this mosaic tile floor is all about ‘Time’ and Saturn is also known as Kronos, or Father Time! Saturn is also known as The God of Agriculture, usually illustrated with his sickle, which would explain to me why the four seasons are related to him in these scenes on the floors of synagogues. My reasoning being that the close encounter between the planet Saturn and Earth is ‘the reason for the seasons’ which then govern agriculture thereby making Saturn the God of Agriculture. In the painting to the left Saturn is depicted with his next sacrifice, usually an infant or young child! Time, Sickle and Sacrifice!


In the picture of the mosaic tile floor I suppose what strikes me most is that Saturn is depicted dead center in the Zodiac, which of course resides in the ecliptic plane of our Solar Sun. Obviously our Solar Sun doesn’t move in relationship to the constellations of the Zodiac as viewed from above the Ecliptic Plane but here Helios is shown riding in a chariot pulled by four horses, another sure clue this doesn’t represent our Solar Sun but rather the planet god Saturn! The historical writings make it clear that Saturn, the sun god Helios, approached the Earth from the center of the heavens, the North Celestial Pole of the Earth when the North Celestial Pole of the Earth was identical to the North Ecliptic Pole of our Solar Sun. This is neatly packaged in this mosaic tile floor as Saturn, the sun god Helios, rides His chariot through the center of the Zodiac! It’s fair to ask, “What is that doing in a Jewish synagogue?” Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up!


Here is another example of “What is that doing in a Jewish synagogue?” Do you remember Messiah Yeshua’s warning to Chorazin and Bethsaida in Matthew 11:21-22?


“Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the deeds of power done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sack-cloth and ashes. But I tell you, on the day of judgment it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon than for you.” (Matthew 11:21-22 NRSV)


The picture to the left is one that I took at the ruins of a Jewish synagogue at Chorazin. Look closely; it’s a graven image of Medusa. She is the Queen of Heaven, also known as Asherah, Ishtar and many other names; she was the comet now known as the planet Venus! If you watch the EUM videos listed at the end of the article you will see the similarity. Again, look closely… you’re looking into the eyes of the Jew’s Shabbat HaMalka, the Sabbath Queen (Saturn’s Day of course). Follow this thread further and you will discover the Jewess of a thousand years ago understood her to be Shekinah, the female consort of YHWH! At that point your introduction to Jewish mysticism, especially the traditional Sabbath candle lighting witchcraft, has begun.


Of course I am well aware of Saturnalia (Saturn) being celebrated in Rome on the Winter Solstice of the Julian calendar, i.e. December 25th, and as such it is a pagan celebration which marks the end of the pagan Old Year and the beginning of the pagan New Year but I have not yet understood the deeper connection between Saturn (the Sun God Planet) and the Winter Solstice (a Solar Sun event) which answers ‘why’ they’re connected.




     …the ancients knew through Noah, via an oral tradition, that the equinoxes and solstices were a consequence of Saturn’s first close encounter with the Earth thereby beginning the tilting of it’s Poles!!!


As I’ve mentioned above an interesting point to be made is according to The EUM these planets would have approached the Earth from the center of the heavens, the North Celestial Pole of the Earth! However, if, as I have postulated, the Earth’s Poles began to tilt at the time of The Flood of Noah due to this close encounter with Saturn, Venus and Mars then it is only natural to conclude the center of the heavens prior to The Flood of Noah was not marked by today’s North Star Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor. Where would the Pre-Flood North Star have been? I began to wonder where the North Ecliptic Pole of the Sun would be located in the Celestial Sphere.


Intrigue quickly set in as I learned the North Ecliptic Pole of the Sun is located in the constellation ‘Draco the Dragon’! Wow! So now I’ve got that ‘Old Serpent’ Satan dressed up as the planet Saturn coming out of the center of the heavens, the pinnacle of the Celestial North, the constellation Draco! So where has HaSatan sought to establish his throne? Here’s what YHWH has to say to HaSatan…


You said in your heart, “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit on the mount of assembly on the heights of Zaphon;” (Isaiah 14:13 NRSV) (Zaphon=assembly in the far North!)


Immediately I checked to see if E.W. Bullinger had anything to say about Draco in his book ‘The Witness of the Stars’ and if so what it might be. Here is an excerpt of what he had to say about Draco.


“For notwithstanding that we speak of “fixed stars,” there is a constant, though slow, change taking place amongst them. There is also another change taking place owing to the slow recession of the pole of the heavens (about 50” in the year); so that while Alpha in the constellation of Draco was the Polar Star when the Zodiac was first formed, the Polar Star is now Alpha in what is called Ursa Minor. This change alone carries us back at least 5,000 years.” (Page 21 Emphasis mine)


“The brightest star ‘a’ (in one of the latter coils), is named Thuban (Heb.), the subtle. Some 4,620 years ago it was the Polar Star.” (Page 60 Emphasis mine)


When I first saw this I was about to jump out of my skin, however over time I have come to realize a problem here. The problem lies in Bullinger’s statement that Thuban was the Polar Star when the Zodiac was first formed. On what basis does he make this statement? Is this statement made from historical writings or mathematical hindsight? My problem with this statement is that Thuban is nearly the same distance from the North Ecliptic Pole as is today’s polar star Polaris and therefore the Earth’s poles were tilted to nearly the same degree they are today and the equinoxes would have still been in existence when the Zodiac was first formed according to Bullinger. I refuse to accept that! What does excite me when I look at the graphic below is that the circle scribed in the heavens by the Earth’s tilted poles, which both Thuban and Polaris are in close proximity to, is perfectly centered upon the North Ecliptic Pole of the Sun! In other words, tighten up the wobble and you have a stable Earth rotating in perfect alignment with the North Ecliptic Pole of the Sun! Get rid of the wobble and you get rid of the tilt! Get rid of those two instabilities and you’ve got restoration! It should be obvious to any open-minded person exposed to this information where we came from, the intersection of all those red lines! There will come a day when the blue colored grid (difficult to see in the graphic to the left), representing the position of the tilted North Celestial Pole of the Earth upon the Celestial Sphere, will be restored to the red colored grid which represents the North Ecliptic Pole of the Sun upon the Celestial Sphere and when that happens the Equinoxes will be no more! In that day, probably during the Great Tribulation, the axis of Earth’s rotation will once again be influenced by an outside linear force that will cause the Earth’s North Celestial Pole (axis of rotation) to spiral back into alignment with the North Ecliptic Pole of our Sun! It is not for me to speculate how that happens, it is nevertheless my expectation!


I’m not in love with Bullinger’s numbers here either, or for that matter any mathematical formulation that assumes ‘the present is the key to the past’ such as the graphic posted below. I would imagine there is room for a fudge factor here. My sense of how the tilting of Earth’s Poles transpired would be the Earth’s Northern axis of rotation spiraled out of alignment with the North Ecliptic Pole of the Sun via the linear force of Saturn’s close encounter with the Earth which tilts the Earth’s Poles. The linear force is then converted into rotational energy and stabilizes into this nearly perfect circle around the Sun’s North Ecliptic Pole. But… does it do this in time for Thuban to have ever been the North Celestial Pole Star of the Earth? The present rate of wobble requires 26,000 years to complete one full cycle which means that at most, if you’re a literal Young Earth Creationist like myself and the Earth is only 6,000 years old with The Flood of Noah taking place approximately 4,350 years ago, then the Earth would have presently completed only 60° of rotation in that 360° cycle, i.e. 1/6th of the first cycle. But… because ‘the present IS NOT the key to the past’ and the rate of change in the Earth’s wobble has probably changed since it began to wobble the Earth may have completed much less than 1/6th of the 26,000 year cycle, maybe only 30° or 1/12th of the cycle. If there are actual datable historical records stating Thuban was the Polar Star, as an observed matter of fact, then obviously all of the above, i.e. the Earth’s axis spiraling out of alignment with the Sun’s North Ecliptic Pole and then stabilizing in it’s present circular wobble perfectly centered upon the Sun’s North Ecliptic Pole must take place prior to Thuban ever becoming the Polar Star. That would force the tilting of the Earth’s Poles to quite some time before The Flood. But… if the claim of Thuban being a past Polar Star is based on mathematical equations which predict ‘what once was’ via the assumption ‘the present is the key to the past’ then I am free to believe the tilting of the Earth’s Poles takes place just before or during The Flood of Noah and Thuban therefore never was the North Celestial Pole Star of the Earth!




Precession of the Equinoxes



Note… In the graphic illustration to the left the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes are correlated with the Zodiac according to sighting the constellations on the Western Horizon after the Sun has set whereas Full Moon Rosh Chodesh proponents sight the constellation Virgo on the Eastern Horizon after the Sun has set which accounts for the 6 Month discrepancy.


Via the wobble of the Earth’s tilted axis of rotation the Earth’s present day equinoxes are advancing in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun so that each year the equinoxes arrive 20 minutes earlier. This is called the ‘precession of the equinoxes’. I’m sure you can imagine a child’s toy top that spins on the floor. If the top is disturbed the spinning top begins to wobble. That is exactly what the Earth is doing as it spins on it’s axis of rotation. The very fact that the Earth’s axis of rotation wobbles should make it clear that the Earth’s axis of rotation has been disturbed! This slow tilted wobble is causing the equinox to arrive earlier every year. The math is pretty simple, with the Vernal Equinox arriving 20 minutes early every year it amounts to 1 Day earlier every 72 years. Supposing The Flood of Noah took place approximately 4,350 years ago and the ‘precession of the equinoxes’ began immediately as the poles of the Earth began to tilt at the time of The Flood and the rate of change in the precession has remained constant, I can divide that number of years by 72 and realize that the equinox has advanced approximately 60 Days! However, that is an extremely rough number which depends upon today’s rate of change in the precession of the equinoxes to have remained the same from the very beginning but… once again, ‘the present IS NOT the key to the past’ and I very seriously doubt there could have been that much rotation of the Earth’s wobbling Poles early on when the cycle began. Nevertheless, it gives you an idea of what is happening with today’s equinoxes arriving earlier each and every year so much so that Spring is probably arriving a month earlier than it did immediately after The Flood of Noah according to the Earth’s position relative to the Sun and Stars! So when people over the last year have asked me, “Ken, why are you beginning The New Year so late?” they’re asking the wrong question! They should be asking me, “Ken, why is everyone beginning The New Year so early?” This same question is then asked of me for every one of the Annual Appointed Times! You see they automatically assume I’m the one who’s wrong, without realizing what kind of change has and is taking place on the Earth and in the heavens which is throwing their observance off because they have attached their observance to an equinox which never existed in The Beginning, has been changing ever since it’s inception and has no place in The Master’s Clock!


     The case is being made in the Resource Materials provided below for Saturn to have passed from the North Celestial Pole of the Earth to the South Celestial Pole of the Earth in a near Earth encounter that ended the ‘Golden Age’ and plunged the Earth into chaos. This would certainly have taken place just prior to or during The Flood of Noah! Clearly, there is much more work to be done in this investigation and as I said before I can’t wait for Bible believing minds which are smarter than mine to get hold of The EUM in the years to come. Via the anthropological, mythological, cosmological and plasma physics interdisciplinary approach of The EUM we may have an opportunity to better understand the beginning of paganism and thereby… it’s end!




The Conclusion Of The Matter


In the Book of Acts chapter 15 the new believers were given four things that they were to avoid, all were pagan forms of worship. The message you and I can take away from Acts 15 is that ‘WE’ are to dump every form of paganism that we may discover in our lives and worship our Creator and Redeemer in Spirit and Truth as men and women with a single, undivided heart as King David did.


In The Equinoxes ~ Past? Present! & Future? I think I have shown from Scripture it is reasonable to believe the Equinoxes didn’t exist ‘In The Beginning’ but are rather a result of some catastrophic event that took place during the time of The Flood of Noah. It is during this same time frame that planetary paganism develops and attaches itself to the newly existing Equinoxes and Solstices. Should we be surprised that the Equinoxes and Solstices then are part of HaSatan’s plan to supplant YHWH’s Timepiece in the Heavens? Along the way I have discovered and shared with you the Great Sphinx as an unmovable landmark testimony to the beginning and end of The New Year via Virgo and Leo in the Mazzaroth of The Master’s Clock. The whole point of this article as well as the original thought of this article is as it was from the beginning,


‘If’ there were no Equinoxes in the distant Past? AND ‘if’ there will be no Equinoxes in the near Future? ‘then’ why would anyone use today’s Equinoxes to mark the beginning of our New Years in the Present!??? Selah! (Think about it!)


I have encouraged the reader to question today’s theoretical sciences. There is a slavish devotion to The Theory of Evolution in both The Big Bang Theory and The Gravitational Model. I have shared with the reader an exciting and relatively new model called The Electric Universe Model that sticks to basic observable facts. The EUM holds a great deal of promise to explain many of the questions that still linger from the past. In revealing The Sun, our Variable Electric Star, I’ve answered the question, ‘What changed?’ I’ve shared a number of Scripture verses which allude to our Sun’s having changed in the past and prophecies of it’s changing in the future. I also shared a few of my own personal speculations as to what some of those answers to questions from the past might be. In the end I leave it to you to be the judge. I’m convinced there are simple answers to those questions and The EUM will be a player on the field of answers.


There are two main points to remember, the first being ‘the present IS NOT the key to the past, nor the future’ and the second being don’t allow today’s science, ‘falsely so called’ (1 Timothy 6:20), to convince you the Earth’s North and South Pole orientation can’t be restored to a 90° angle to the Sun’s Ecliptic Plane as it originally was, thereby eliminating the Equinoxes!


     I have also attempted to introduce the reader to unimaginable historical events taking place at the time of The Flood of Noah involving close encounters with the planets Saturn, Venus and Mars in the ancient sky resulting in the tilting of the Earth’s Poles and the paganism which is still reflected in our Appointed Times of worship and calendars today. These electrical encounters with Saturn, Venus and Mars were recorded in stone by our early ancestors and were the foundation for the planetary god mythology that developed. Along the way I have discovered and shared with you Saturn was worshipped as ‘Helios, the Sun God’, i.e. the original Sun God. I have shown the relationship between the circle scribed in the heavens by the Earth’s wobbling, tilted axis of rotation and the Sun’s North Ecliptic Pole; the one being centered upon the other, which is too much to think it a coincidence. That gives me every reason to believe the Sun’s North Ecliptic Pole and the Earth’s North Celestial Pole were at one time parallel to one another. This discovery alone makes it clear to me there were no equinoxes before The Flood of Noah and the Mazzaroth originally rose directly in the strength of the East all year long!


* I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt the Earth’s Poles began to tilt due to close planetary encounters at the time of The Flood of Noah and one is left to wonder if this kind of chaos was brought to bear to begin the tilting of the Poles then what kind of chaos will be brought to bear to restore the Earth’s Poles in the end of days? It is vitally important that the reader of The Equinoxes ~ Past? Present! & Future? to now take the time to study the links provided below to conclude for themselves whether there is any weight to what has been presented. I cling to an evidence based faith and for me the verdict is in.


* I am convinced that any calendar, which uses the Vernal Equinox as a function to calculate the beginning of The New Year, is a false calendar. Remove the Equinoxes from the equation and you eliminate nearly all present day, non-Gregorian calendars! I encourage all to take the time to thoroughly examine the evidence; there is a reward for those who do!


* I am convinced there is a foundation, based on actual historical planetary events, which took place in the heavens of the ancient sky, for the paganism we still see today.


     There is also another story recorded in the heavens that we really do need to develop a good working knowledge of, it is HIStory, the prophetic story of Redemption, which is recorded in the STARS! To the ancient peoples this also would have been common knowledge! I cannot encourage you enough to consider incorporating the STARS in your method of marking time. YHWH seems to think it a pretty special thing and asks this of Job,


“Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth the Mazzaroth (Signs of the Zodiac) in their season, or can you guide the Bear with its children? Do you know the ordinances of the heavens? Can you establish their rule on the earth?” (Job 38:31-33 NRSV)


Three mechanisms make up The Timepiece of The Master; they are the Light of the Sun, Moon and Stars in relationship to the Earth’s horizon. If you don’t have these three critical elements working for you in the method you use to keep time then you may have replaced at least one of the three mechanisms THE MASTER uses with some form of paganism. There can be no doubt; the STARS are players in THE MASTER’S CLOCK… Are they in your game plan?


This new revelation strengthens my resolve to continue to mark The New Year via the Full Moon rising with Virgo in the Spring, which is the 1st constellation of the Mazzaroth’s year long procession. I do not believe the ‘turn of the year’ should be associated with Equinoxes which ‘did not’ and ‘will not’ exist. We must look to the circuit of the Mazzaroth for tequfah via Virgo, the Virgin Queen of the Constellations!


Here, once again, for emphasis’ sake is the key point of this article…


‘If’ there were no Equinoxes in the distant Past? AND ‘if’ there will be no Equinoxes in the near Future? ‘then’ why would anyone use today’s Equinoxes to mark the beginning of our New Years in the Present!???  Selah! (Think about it!)




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